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What do conservators do? A conservator works to preserve what is valued for belonging to the heritage of an individual, people, nation or all of humankind. The following pages explore four different aspects of what conservators do: conservators continue the lives of objects, connect the past, present and future; collaborate, and consider their actions. If an object has a life, what role does a conservator have in that life? How do conservators reinforce and reveal links between ourselves, our collective past and our descendants? Who do they work with to accomplish these aims? Why do they intervene in the lives of objects, and how do they decide what kind of treatment an object should undergo? Every object has a story to tell and different meanings to people, and requires different skills, knowledge and considerations to treat respectfully. To investigate these themes, we present a selection of objects we have worked on throughout our degrees.

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the lives of objects

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the past, present and future

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with each other and other disciplines

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the ethics of their actions