Maria Maidment

Prior to studying BA Conservation, I trained and worked as a textile designer in the fashion industry for 30 years. My passion is working with textiles; as a designer for block printing, as a tutor of sewing heritage skills in goldwork and embroidery, as well as treating textile objects for conservation. I plan to teach heritage sewing skills and continue my education at Lincoln, studying my masters in textile conservation.


Owner: Maria Maidment 

UL No. 19/197 

This is a rare object approximately 100 years old. It has been treated by consolidation, wet cleaned and re-constructed to its original state. It is now ready for display on behalf of the client. On initial examination the object was in a poor state of repair with severe soiling inside and out; the surface fabric and the edges on both sides of the object had broken apart because the original cotton thread had become weak and brittle, making it unstable and unfit for purpose. After wet cleaning all three layers of fabric, the object was re-constructed and stitch supported to enable the object to be used once again.

Beaded ‘Flapper’ Purse c. 1928 



Star SY4 pond yacht 1960 

Owner: Clive Stephens 

UL No. 20/014 

The Star SY4 model toy yacht has sentimental value to the client, given to him for his 8th birthday in 1968 and he played with it on ponds and lakes in Devon. The object was extremely unstable and needed interventive conservation treatment by consolidation, cleaning and repair. It was severely corroded on the metal elements, the sails had signs of spot corrosion and soiling, and the keel was corroded near the wooden base which also needed re-painting. The object is now stable and ready to be rigged, for the client to display in his home.